Logo - IBJim Fazio, LMT, CSI, UTP, of Integrative Bodywork, Inc. has sought out a wide variety of our services since 2008, beginning with designing his website.  Jim is a multi-disciplinary Neuromuscular Fascial Therapist who utilizes a very unique approach to treat pain disorders, anxiety, trauma and sports injuries along with a host of other conditions.

Working with Jim, we organized the website to provide resources and educational information that describes his practice and the concepts of Unified Therapy™, the cornerstone of Jim’s work.

Current and potential clients have many of their questions answered through the information provided on the website including our video productions of selected client sessions that illustrate what to expect during a session and elaborate on the concepts behind the techniques used.

Jim asked us to create a Series of Video Interviews with Jim and his mentor, Dr Paul Canali of the Evolutionary Healing Institute, the founder of Unified Therapy™.  Below is a short sample from the series.


Our video interview series, filmed and produced by Computer Management Corporation, discusses many of the concepts of Unified Therapy™ and how healing takes place.  The videos include many illustrations to enhance the topics discussed,” Jim says.  “I am extremely pleased with the professional quality of the productions.  Video is a great way to demonstrate a variety of concepts and information.

Jim relies on Computer Management Corporation to handle a variety of business needs, including:

Newsletters are an important part of staying in touch with Jim’s customers and colleagues to keep them up to date with new services and the latest research and advances in healing therapies.  In addition to managing the email distribution lists, we write and produce Jim’s newsletters and send Welcome Emails to all new clients.

Taking advantage of the multiple services offered by Computer Management, Jim says, “As a business owner, I rely on Mary to handle these essential responsibilities so that I can focus my time on my clients.

And that is our goal – to ease your workload, improve your company image and increase your profitability!

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