Let’s Make a Video!


Video is everywhere these days!  From recorded webinars and Zoom meetings to videos captured on your smartphone or tablet.  But few take the time – or have the expertise – to clean up their raw videos before posting online.

Recorded presentations, interviews, or product demos with pauses, glitches, excessive “ums” and “ahs”, do-overs, or even slides advancing too soon are distractions to the viewer.

We can help add a professional touch by cleaning up the audio and visuals in your video (or even audio files for podcasts) in addition to adding an opening intro slide, closing credits and background music.

No job is too big or too small! We are committed to providing premiere services for each and every client no matter your budget needs.  What are some of the ways you can use video?

      • Company Promotional Video – Highlight Your Products and Services
      • Informational and Product Demos
      • Online Courses and Instructional Videos
      • Interviews and Testimonials
      • Meet the Team Video – Introduce your Staff/Management Team
      • Online Interactive Policies, Procedures and Handbooks
      • On-The-Job (OJT) Promotional Video for Workforce Boards
      • Employer Services offered by Workforce Boards


Video Interviews

Instructional Videos

Clients Jim Fazio, LMT, CSI, UTP of Integrative Bodywork, Inc and Dr Paul Canali, founder of Unified Therapy™ at The Evolutionary Healing Institute.

  1. We did a 4-part series of 60-90-minute videos where Jim and Dr Paul discuss a wide variety of topics and answer many of the questions patients may have about Unified Therapy™ and the healing process.  Each video was edited into short segments based on the individual topics.
  2. Client Interviews are an engaging way to hear first hand the benefits of the therapy and the client’s experience.
  3. Jim and Dr Paul regularly conduct Healing Weekends for clients.  This video is the presentation from one of the Healing Weekend events.
  4. The Evolutionary Healing Institute began the Theory of Everything Human Healing Retreat Series in Miami.  Presented by Dr Paul Canali, the founder of Unified Therapy™, each 2-day event involves lecture, discussion, demonstrations and hands-on instruction.  Our last video is a summary of the presentation slides used during a Level 1 Workshop.


Event Videos

This was a fun video where we took old photos, articles and even other video clips to create a life story for a milestone birthday celebration.  This is a short excerpt of that presentation.


Promotional Videos

Our Business Partner – Silver Quarter Solutions

Need an advertisement or promotional video? Computer Management Corporation collaborates with a talented and innovative team of script writers, content developers, voice over talent and post production editors that will work with you every step of way – from creating your story board to final delivery – to develop an engaging presentation of your message.


Video Editing

Jim Fazio talks about treating PTSD on American Warrior Radio

We can edit your raw video footage into relevant clips that that promote your message.  This was 20 minute video of a live radio interview discussing services and treatments available to veterans in Brevard County, Florida.  We edited the segments that described the Unified Therapy™ approach to treating PTSD and created this 3:45 minute video.


Brevard County Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc
Presents the Real Rosewood in honor of Black History Month

This was a live virtual presentation that was recorded for later viewing on the Sorority’s website.  As with any live recording, there were some audio issues, technical glitches, pauses as presenters changed, and so forth.  Before posting on the website, we edited out all the glitches to create a smooth and engaging presentation.  You can view more presentations on their website.